Halacha for Monday 24 Shevat 5777 February 20 2017              

Halacha Date: 24 Shevat 5777 February 20 2017

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Good Angels and Destructive Angels

Question: Is it true that every sin one performs creates a bad angel which raises prosecution against the individual? If so, what happens when one repents?

Answer: Our Sages teach us that as a result of the wicked actions of one who commits a sin, a destructive force is created in the world for each sin one commits. This is because the actions of people in this world, especially Jews, have tremendous spiritual impacts. If people would only know the extent of the effects of their actions, they would certainly take great care to serve Hashem properly.

Indeed, Maran Ha’Chida writes in his Sefer Midbar Kedemot (Letter Tav, Section 34) that every sin one performs creates a destructive angel just like performing a Mitzvah creates a defending angel. He adds that when one repents, Hashem nullifies the destructive angel created as a result of the sin committed in spite of the opposition of the other destructive forces.

Our Sages teach us in the Midrash (Nahum, Section 561): “’Hashem is good to all’-does this mean that Hashem is good to everyone? Rather, ‘And his mercy is upon all of his creations.’” The explanation of this Midrash is that although Hashem is good to “all”, nevertheless, His mercy is only upon “His creations” as opposed to the destructive angels which were not created by Hashem; rather, they were created by the wicked actions of the sinner and Hashem therefore has no mercy on these creations. On the other hand, when the sinner repents fully, Hashem, in His great kindness, nullifies the destructive angel against its will.

Similarly, our Sages teach us in the Midrash (Yeshaya, Section 309) that the Jewish nation exclaims to Hashem, “Master of the Universe! I am ashamed of all of the places I have worshiped idols”, as the verse states, “See your path in the valley, know what you have done!” Hashem then replied, “I forgive you!” as the verse states, “All valleys shall be raised.” (Anaf Etz Avot, page 276)

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