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The “Halacha Yomit” website was established in the year 2005 (5765). The goal of the Halacha Yomit team is to spread Torah knowledge, specializing in a broad range of Halacha topics. Extensive emphasis is placed on clarification of halachic sources and explanations of how to rule on Torah law. This is done in order to publicize that our Torah is a guide for life and there is no such thing as a halachic issue which does not have a solution that is written in the works of the earlier or later Poskim, whose words serve as our nation’s guiding light. Thank G-d, we have merited that, as of yet, thousands of people have joined Halacha Yomit to learn on a daily basis, in addition to those who visit the site from time to time to take advantage of its vast halachic treasury.

All the Halachot on this site are derived from the halachic rulings of our leader, glory of the generation, Maran Rabbeinu Ovadia Yosef zt”l, who was considered to be the generation’s most accepted and reliable Posek (Halachic authority) based on the testimonies of the greatest rabbis of the previous generation, including the great Geonim, Harav Ezra Attia, Harav Mordechai Sharabi, Harav Efraim Ha’Kohen, and many others. Many of the Halachot on this site are based on the writings of Maran Rabbeinu zt”l in his precious works and where he does not explain the issue himself, the Halacha is based on the rulings of Maran Ha’Shulchan Aruch whose rulings we follow. Additionally, we follow the majority opinion among the Poskim, as was the usual practice of Maran zt”l. In many situations, we have personally asked Maran zt”l to render direct rulings regarding certain Halachot published on this site and we have quoted them in his name accordingly.

The Halachot on this site cover all aspects of Jewish life, ranging from the laws of Shabbat to issues pertaining to the “Choshen Mishpat” section of the Shulchan Aruch (monetary laws). One who studies the Halachot on this site on a daily basis can, within a short time, gain a broad scope of Torah knowledge in all areas of life. In addition to our primary focus being the study of Halacha, our website also discusses other relevant topics, such as Mussar, ethics, and thoughts on the weekly Parasha. All of this was under Maran zt”l’s direct guidance; he indeed oversaw the Halacha Yomit operation and considered it to be one of his personal projects.

The Halachot on this website are written (in Hebrew) by the grandson and disciple of Maran Rabbeinu zt”l, Rabbi Yaakov Sasson Shlit”a, who has authored several monumental halachic works in addition to the best-selling “Abir Ha’Ro’im” in Hebrew, the most accurate biography of the life, times, and teachings of Maran zt”l.

All of the Halachot on our website are translated into three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

The Spanish translation is provided by the one of the great rabbinical figures in Argentina, the Dayan, Rabbi Yitzchak Fadda Shlit”a, who has many years of experience in translating halachic literature into Spanish.

The English translation for this website is provided by Rabbi Meir Gavriel Elbaz Shlit”a, a member of Kollel Aram Soba in the prestigious “Bet Midrash Yechave Da’at” institute for Dayanut studies. Rabbi Elbaz serves as a Posek for several Jewish communities in the New York area.

The French translation is provided by Rabbi David Pitoun Shlit”a who is well-known for his active role in disseminating Torah, especially the teachings of Maran zt”l, throughout France and abroad.

Rabbis Elbaz and Pitoun likewise respond to questions received by “Halacha Yomit” in their respective languages as well as editing the Hebrew version of the Halachot.

© All rights to the Halachot published on this website are reserved by the author and their usage is prohibited without express permission from the author, as per Torah law.